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Creatures Taxidermy tip: To Mount or Not to Mount? by CreatureUndertaker Creatures Taxidermy tip: To Mount or Not to Mount? by CreatureUndertaker
I hear comments on people wondering what makes and animal mountable? People, sell to customers telling them are mountable when they are clearly not.
With so many people getting new on the taxidermy
I have collected over the amount of nearly 5 years fox pelts for their beauty not at first to mount up but later turned to just mountable pelts being that I was/am being over ran with fox pelts that arn't mountable. To be honest I do get fearful in selling to people who might not know what mountable/ non mountable means or knows the headaches of trying to mount a non mountable pelt and to expect it to look like the real thing.

SO, with this said I present pictures and descriptions on what makes a pelt exactly 'mountable' and not.

difference between garment and taxidermy quality?
for one usually its the tan, garment tans are usually ment to be made into something, crafts, clothing or such. skinners and the furrier community don't really worry about feet( that's why many feet get lopped off or its looses money) ears or eyes and nose. Taxidermy is to be mounted its a tan that usually have a shorter shelf life to where it will break down if wet .

The eyes are the window to the soul, and they are one of the things that can make or break a mount.
Q: can you turn the skin to where you can see the skin part and you run your fingers against the eyes, is it smooth with no rough edges around it? yes then the eye lids have been fleshed away
Meaning you don't have extra lids to tuck into the clay and makes it an easier transaction from skin to glass eye.

Noses can be lopped off and use a fake nose or can be used on the mount, but theres also some things that go along, you can't go cutting off noses and trying to just mount it that way, the face needs to be prepped for taxidermy as well.
Q: if you can turn the skin inside out can you see the nostrils that have little flaps and arn't skinned right agaisnt the nose skin, it should have a little space between each nostril to show each has been turned.

Lips are good for tucking for in trad. or plushies they aid in not showing the form under the skin as well help position where everything needs to be right.
Q: can you find the lips are they smooth and go from the flesh side to the fur side? the lips don't mean about like that little line between the lips are on the insdie of the lip you have to turn.

Ears should be turned and either used the bondo method or ear liners, you don/'t necessarily 'have' to have ear butts, or ears turned and its a true headache to turn them when they have already been tanned. but to make it easier on your part its best to have them already turned and such.

Feet differ from Garment or Taxidermy, taxidermy your usually able to stick your finger in where the foot had been and have enough room for clay to be pushed into each to and area to allow you to move them what you need to do( if the fox was jumping or such) garment if they have feet are usually hard, even when soaked and if you tug might cause you to rip the skin and can't be moved and will make your fox look with squished feet.

holes in belly or area * pertains to plushies*
Holes is a large issue with plushies, if you stitch it up, hides with large amount of stitching can only last so long before a seam busts and causing you to stitch it up again causing more delicate with the hide. even with plushies that are stitched in the back legs sometimes those pop a stitch too causing you to have to stitch as well.

weak stomach * pertains to plushies*
Weak stomachs is more so a major problem for plushies, is what do you do with plushies you hold them, hug them maybe? move them around much more than with traditional mounts. you would have to worry some what with traditional mounts but that is a hard form and wont move at all and could stitch it up and not have to worry about it then.

loss area in groin/genitals
If you were to mount this fox traditional or plush look down at the groin, see anything missing do you see a large mount of leather at the end of the pelt? now imagine if that was filled with a form or fluff and thing if that was filled, where will the tail end up? The tail will probably end up looking like ' a butt tailed fox' where the tail has been moved to between the animals legs. Most the time garment tans cut out the anus, vulva and testicles and just leave a lil n shape to the hide.

( appearances
Robert Lee the snow glow ( non mountable)
Liviu the pale whitemark ( mountable)
Sebastion Eulogy the Silver( non mountable)
large marble ( non mountable)
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October 4, 2012
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