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What you need!
animal that your skinning
a super sharp blade, exto knife is best
a blade sharpener
a cool place, keep out of sun
salt* optional*
PATIENCE taxidermy is a lengthy process

Ok so first to start out here we have the pelt I'm working on.
a marble fox male I believe that I was fleshing out but still needed to prep it for taxidermy, a pelt with ears, feet and a face doesn't mean its a mountable competition piece, it takes alot more work then just a garment tanned skin.
so to get started
I cut away the heads, tails and paws at the ankles/wrist to come back later those are the lengthy process then just removing the skin from the body.

Front feet.
Once you have skinned the fox and cutted the feet/or left them on and skinning them on the carcass, you will skin behind the legs from the elbow down to the wrist you will keep skinning down til you get to the paw pad, go ahead and cut 2/3rds into it and cut into the fatty part of the pad til you get to the bones, you will then go back to start peeling the skin away from the body til you get to the dew claw, dew claws are like thumbs, though you will cut after the first joint since the dew claw is the second joint. Each claw/ has a C shape almost and once you feel where the start its easy to just cut with a curve.

You will keep on skinning down, I find it easier to get the 'index' and 'pinky fingers on front or back feet. then the middles sice those are the longest, in a sense I learned out to gently pull and cut around the paw slowly getting them down to the toe bones.
Becareful of the skin between each toe, use your fingers to feel what is skin and what is bone, your touch is more important right now then eye sight close to it.

hind paws.
dont cut right down the hell, cut on the inside of the hell, it will make stitching much easier then slide your blade back into the long hairs so you can cut into the paw pad.
hind paws are smaller plus you wont have to deal with dew claws. I prefer to get them out of the way first.

remember to salt it again to cover any area you might of missed to apply alot of salt and let air get to it, as well as feel if there is any meat that you missed.

salt makes it slower to freeze, and actually doesn't make the skin freeze
exp. on winter days the workers put salt on the roads to melt and give cars grips

sorry for my spelling mistakes in the picture i was trying to hurry before my program opped out on me

Other Taxidermy Tips
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October 3, 2012
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