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Creatures Taxidermy Tip : Ears by CreatureUndertaker Creatures Taxidermy Tip : Ears by CreatureUndertaker
What you need!
animal that your skinning
a super sharp blade, exto knife is best
a blade sharpener
a cool place, keep out of sun
salt* optional*
PATIENCE taxidermy is a lengthy process

Ok so first to start out here we have the pelt I'm working on.
a marble fox male I believe that I was fleshing out but still needed to prep it for taxidermy, a pelt with ears, feet and a face doesn't mean its a mountable competition piece, it takes alot more work then just a garment tanned skin.
so to get started
I cut away the heads, tails and paws at the ankles/wrist to come back later those are the lengthy process then just removing the skin from the body.

First turn your skin inside out that the hair is on the inside of the raw skin and locate your ear, when skinning you should of skinned as close to the skull as possible to get the ear canal still intact with the skin and having a small connected to the rest of the skull.

slide your hand on the inside of the skin where the fur part is feel where the inside of the ear and outside and find where your other his at the flesh side, imagine the cartilage of the inner ear and fur part of the ear is connected by a little membrane and start skinning slowly with a SHARP blade, this will take time and patience keep salt handy as well at the base of the ear drum there is meat and fat, cut that away to leave the ear butt white from the cartilage.

keep on
This will seem like it takes for ever but keep separating the skin feel from the very edges with your finger leave like a mm between connecting sides,if sending ot a tannery sometimes your earswill split if they are like 'right' at the edge when you get the skin back you can always do fine tuning.

ear flaps remember with seeing your dogs, cats ears that little flap, remember to get that too of its hard to fing it look closely you will see a white line between the inner ear and outer ear just like with the rest of the ear, follow the white line and keep one hand on the fur side to figure where you are at, kind of rub your thumb and finger with the fur gently to see if you still need to split it.

the tip
you will get to a point at where you think you are done, pull your ear through the animals mouth and rub it some and see if you can feel the seperated skin like you can at the lower, if you cant keep on a trucking, if you get a hole in the fur side, it can be stitched. but get as closely as you can against the cartilage til you pass that hole.

voila your ear should look triangular offwhite and dark fleshy grey naked ear.

remember to salti it again to cover any area you might of missed to apply alot of salt and let air get to it, as well as feel if there is any meat that you missed.

salt makes it slower to freeze, and actually doesn't make the skin freeze
exp. on winter days the workers put salt on the roads to melt and give cars grips

sorry for my spelling mistakes in the picture i was trying to hurry before my program opped out on me

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October 3, 2012
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