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Creature an dyego engaged at texas furry siesta 16 :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 3 1 Hell hound :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 45 2 Awesome :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 2 2 Napalm and Dyego badge :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 1 0 Whitemark cross fox for sale HELD :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 11 4 Blue arctic fox SOLD :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 4 0 Whitemark for sale HELD :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 16 2 Mink D Collage :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 4 0 Mink C Collage :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 1 0 Mink B Collage :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 1 0 Mink A Collage :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 1 0 Mink commission * UPDATED :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 11 9 Northern lights wip :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 15 2 brindle coyote '15 :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 14 7 Blue frost wip :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 10 3 red marble foxes for sale :iconcreatureundertaker:CreatureUndertaker 7 1
good afternoon
been going through some things and realized that within moving I do not have as much space for past projects, bought mounts or future projects

so listing up some pelts; mountable and not up for sale
from ebay, and here i will pretty much be listing links aside from the BJD doll… UPDATED
1 pink cross
1 pearl
2 elk cape
3 antlers
5 mounts
cape/ antler/ or / horn packages
wet specimens
silver fox kit whole

BJD doll
male apollo ws?
no clue really i was traded this doll and has been in the box ever since, pretty big doll over a foot
more pictures or measurements if youre interested
100. plus shipping
 photo blj 4_zpsli8sgodp.jpg
 photo blj 5_zpsmbiacsbz.jpg
 photo blj 6_zpswbt0kgyo.jpg
 photo blj 9_zpsyuna7r99.jpg
 photo blj 2_zpse4azfzj4.jpg
 photo bjd 1_zpsnvi1inun.jpg
 photo blj 3_zpso0vudjds.jpg
 photo blj 7_zpsx4xqmbvi.jpg
 photo blj 8_zpsx2iypxod.jpg
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Creature an dyego engaged at texas furry siesta 16…

Video of it happening

Gah whatba crazy year its been so far i need to get back into da but life has me pretty busy
And now engaged? Gah just so chirpy
And having my waifu and really good friends in ok this too and a secret was even better than i could of asked for
Hell hound
Here we have a  mounted hell hound awaiting his next target
This misunderstood beast is for sale for

1800. Plus shipping  in the us states
Short payment plans are acceptable 

I was able to squeeze him in as i waited for my truck to get finished in the shop and ordered some forms
Ringtail, wolf half lifesize, and some foxes
Hey guys
Long time no talk

Welp this happened which is toooootally awesome
My truck
Got hit with being in the left turn lane
Guy swung to wide, turning right and plowed into me
Which has left me without a ride aside from my guys ride, which im not on his insurance / he has to be with me when i drive his truck
So this has left me abit screwed

I will be making a post office run today for all the things needing ship but this will slow some things down


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OshiiRyuu Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Student General Artist
-pets your face-
I've missed ya CU.
Hope you are okay, because I hadn't been seeing you post anything recently.
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CreatureUndertaker Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
mmmmm k. from your unedited version I can already tell you're not one for taxidermy, Ill be frank and honest. 
their fur is their skin unless we are talking about reptiles, your comment is pretty hard to get at with lack of grammar.

Yes I hunt, I do not take just their fur, I use the animal to where I can use it, its life doesnt go in vain, while I still am able to collect its pelt.
No i will not eat a fox, or coyote, but i will feed other animals with its flesh and collect the bones.

Yes I check for roadkill; I dont see why something should go to waste, unless it is an animal that is against my states game laws like deer, birds and CITES animals, the animals I pick up are typically gray foxes, coons, coyotes that are open season year long.
roadkill animals is not the most humane way to go though, people who only want roadkill need to know that those animals suffer far worse than a quick humane dispatch.

Yes I use ranched animals off US farms. I have a list of breeders that I trust, and plan on helping out with actually a farm that i view the owners as friends. they are good honest people raising their livestock, ensuring they are treated humanely but realistically with welfare, and raising some monster animals that a fox is the size of a coyote that you just cant get that sort of top grade quality if it was from a poor farm that didnt care for their animals

Yes I buy from other trappers, hunters and other people working lifestocked animals, as long as i can see from the pelt which is easy to see if that animals had a hard life or a well fed one from its quality, and as long as they are not poaching an animal that within state or region of state is documented, I trust them.

So i hope thats been able to clear up abit on the deal of taxidermy, that most people who hunt animals dont let it go to waste, not typically even trophy hunters, the outfitters or taxidermist who gets the animal usually puts that animals meat to good use some way or another.
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AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I don't mean to jump in on this, you talk about community though so I guess it all plays in that factor. Your complaining about someone posting your picture on another website without your permission. however you do that kind of stuff all the time. You post items you buy off of others before they arrive. Its called being a hypocrite.

Second of all, you want help from the community, you know "stick together" well guess what when aproving upon you look to the community for help, however in your case when I was trying to help you out, you turned around and bit that hand.  Something about you being against crits but your upset someone posted Something of yours that is now being criticized elsewhere but you wouldn't take the advice of we have it to you.

I mean if you want to make it somewhere further and faster. Empty your glass! 

Now I'm sure at this your calling us rude, but this is apart of the community that has been around for a long time. Your definitely not the first or the last one to be "singled out" if that's what you want to call it. 

When you like someone's work and they give advice or critiques on your work, you don't smack them away and tell them you want to learn on your own. Yet charge as much as they do on commissions, It's not very professional. A taxidermists always strives to make a animal life like. Nothing else should be more importent. We don't strive on good enough and recyled items to mount with. but I guess that's what makes us a little different. 

Also abit of advice you should take. DA is more like a high school Then a community. We used to be a community, but those days are long gone.
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