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Newest Deviations

Marble fox lifesize
Status75% Complete by SimplySilent
blow drying
playing with face abit more
Red Marble lifesize
Status25% Complete by SimplySilent
has form
prepped mounting next when i return
marble fox table pedestal
Status:0% Complete by SimplySilent
ordered eyes
waiting to order form til I return
gold platinum fox lifesize
Status: 100% Complete! by SimplySilent
just need to go get
receive rest of money
ship UPS

own projects

snow glow
Status25% Complete by SimplySilent
has form
has eyes
mounting second

dark calico
Status: 25% Complete by SimplySilent
has form
has eyes 
mounting third

demon coyote
Status25% Complete by SimplySilent
has form
need babboon teeth
need foam for tail/ cougar tail

2 fox plaque
Status:0% Complete by SimplySilent
decide who will be chosen
cut forms
prep hides

2 bobcat shoulder peds
Status:0% Complete by SimplySilent
order forms when return

Coydog shoulder pedestal
Status25% Complete by SimplySilent
has form
has eyes
need super glue

Death in the family
I got back into Amarillo on thursday, no internet for some odd reason til last night
but got everything settled, mom left me a message that my uncle( married in) had killed himself on my fathers side
he suffered from huntingtons disease, what his father had at a far younger age. With seeing what his father went through he had made up his mind to end himseld
trying 2 times and being committed 2 times he really wished to go.
so I will be leaving back down south shortly to help with my family as well be going to the funeral.

I had ment on working and ordering things
so sorry this kind of threw a kink in the wrench( esp with being super happy being back up here and in my own space bubble.)
but yea.
going down there
dont know yet, dad just called saying he was dealing with depression as well in spring.
and just tons of things placed on my chest.

ill try to least get faces refixed some i didnt like how they turned out as.
realized i need more glue.

secret santa
ill put people in my journal if you link me as well type deal
1. devil may cry 4,5 PS3
2. 3 inch eye to nose shoulder fox pedestal wall or pedestal
3. caribou pelt
4. sheep skin back skin
5. shetland sheepdog tshirt
6. stone guages : 4 or 6 g
7. taxidermy eyes: 18mm for fox/20-22 for coyote
8. a muledeer or buck skull complete with jaw 
9.… kinda like this type bowie knife
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  • Drinking: monster/ water


Wip pearl whitemark by CreatureUndertaker
Wip pearl whitemark
male extended pearl whitemark I got mounted and set to my liking now that im letting him dry.
have had him i nthe freezers for awhile
and wanted to try something different of a form id never use, so tada extended pedestal in the making
cutted that from a lifesize form, then alted the head to get it an off set look isntead of straight how it was before.

will be finishing him soon
he is a gift but this can be commissioend if  Ihave long enough hide for ( really wanna try this on a marble and see how well it does)
foxis badge by CreatureUndertaker
foxis badge
foxis badge for my love deadshitandme on tumblr
for him of jan being our official ' thing' at 6 months
though weve known eachother 5 goin 6 years

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ArchAngel23 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Thanks for the fav!!!
WOLF-mysavior Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God I could've swore I was following you! :faint:
Well, I am now! I look forward to seeing the lizesizes that you complete!

Do you have any tips on mounting a LS red fox? I've been studying hard and watching videos, but a little extra advice will help my project in any way. :)

Also, I am in love with that pearl shoulder mount! Very beautiful work on that one! :love:
TheImpossibleBoy Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
 May I ask what exactly taxidermy entails?

 Like, how do you get the animal?  How do you 'stuff' it, give it the fur/hair?

My grandfather told me once [how they 'make' it, as he does hunt deer], but I can quite recall what you do?
CreatureUndertaker Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Taxidermy is the process of removing the skin of the animal, tanning it up( or dry preserving it, or freeze drying the animal whole), then placing the skin on a form, or base you have built to resemble the animal and shifting the skin into place to try to reach what that animal once looked like, or fantasy mount you are trying to achieve.

With working at a taxidermy shop, normally the hunters bring in the animal for us to mount, or find along the side of the road.
For myself, I buy from hunters, trappers, ranchers, or find myself for my own collection to have. Though I will soon start hunting myself come next fall.

the fur stays on the skin area, its the skin, membrane then the carcass that has it attached to the animal since their skin is alot more thicker than humans since they have much more hair follicles.
The-Deadly-Wrath Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!!
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